Genre: Short Story.

A mother makes a choice that will haunt her life for ever.

Marieta lifted her sleeping daughter onto the half sheet of quarter inch plywood deck, the plywood strapped tightly with clothesline around two inner tubes. Marieta leaned forward, plunged her tears-streaked face beneath the ocean surf, and with elegant, dolphin kicks, pushed the raft into the current. Although her mind screamed for her to rush, Marieta focused on technique, reserving her strength, controlling the instinct to flee in panic, and praying they would be far out to sea before Ignacio’s body was discovered.

Read the short story by clicking on the images below. Or to view a PDF copy, Marieta’s Rum Dulce de Leche, click on the button at the bottom of this page.

Marieta’s Rum Dulce de Leche – Page One
Marieta’s Rum Dulce de Leche – Page Two
Marieta’s Rum Dulce de Leche – Page Three
Marieta’s Rum Dulce de Leche – Page Four

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