A classic mistake that I see people making is that they’ll put a lot of effort into writing their first book — and then they’ll stop and spend two years trying to sell their book, or trying to improve their book by tiny little increments, or both. And the whole time that they’re doing that, they’re wasting time that they could be spending writing their second book. What they should do is write their second book, and when they finish their second book, write their third book. One does actually get better, and I think the improvement is noticeable. Eventually, it pays off.

TED-Ed Blog. (2019). Neal Stephenson’s writing advice for students (and everyone else). [online] Available at: http://blog.ed.ted.com/2015/06/04/neal-stephensons-writing-advice-for-students-and-everyone-else/ [Accessed 31 Oct. 2019].

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